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Welcome to the homepage of the Midlands Filipino Martial Arts Club

Escrima Kali Arnis

This is the homepage of the Midlands Filipino Martial Arts (FMA)Club. The club is based in the Co. Westmeath, and teaches the authentic Filipino Martial Arts as passed on by Llanera Fighting Systems (LFS) Founder Grandmaster Modesto "Ding" Llanera, now resident in Ireland.

The club is run by LFS Instructor Guro Donal Connaughton, a 3rd degree black belt in Llanera Escrima and Instructor of SayKan Combat, trained and licenced by Grandmaster Llanera. He continues to train weekly with the Grandmaster in both private and public classes. He has received detailed instruction from the Founder in how to correctly apply and teach the techniques found within the LFS Escrima and SayKan Combat systems, and so is not only a skilled practitoner of the art, but is also specifically trained in how best to teach the system to students, from beginner to advanced levels.

Llanera Escrima is a comprehensive Martial Art and self defence system, based
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on the use of weapons, both standard and non standard, as force multipliers. The art is excellent for developing coordination, focus and power, as well as the obvious self defence applications. As well as being a complete system by itself, Llanera Escrima is also an excellent supplementary style for empty hand stylists, who would like to add some effective techniques for dealing with weapons to their arsenal.

SayKan Combat is an empty hand art, which teaches the practitioner how to use correct positioning and movement to gain an advantage in a conflict. The art is based on the natural movements of the human body and is designed to be effective without requiring tremendous physical strength.

The arts are equally suited to men and women of all ages and fitness levels. However, the nature of the techniques taught in the system make the arts unsuitable for children.